Mobile Mummy

Rolls with you when you sleep. Stays with you when you're up.  Rest easy knowing that the Mobile Mummy will stay with you through the night. Even better, it'll also stay with you when you're up.


The Mobile Mummy moves when you do, so that you can sleep on your side, stomach or back without feeling constrained. You can wear it like a garment to sit up and use your hands, or stow the foot box for a walk around camp.


Backcountry Bed

Back, side and stomach sleepers rejoice!

The world's most versatile and intuitive sleeping bags. Free of extraneous hardware and constrictions, they adapt to any sleeping position you prefer.

Backcountry Bed:  Winner of a 2014 Editor's Choice Award from both Backpacker and Climbing Magazines, this lightweight bag is free from extraneous hardware, and allows you to sleep like you would in a normal bed.


Zissou:  Designed to excel in a variety of overnight situations, the award-winning Zissou will keep you warm and cozy wherever you camp.


Sierra Designs offers the best functionality in  backpacks, tents and sleeping bags...trusted in the backcountry! 

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