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ABOUT PROPPER INTERNATIONAL™ @ Peak to Sea Products Outdoor Equipment

     As one of the largest official suppliers of apparel to the United States armed forces, PROPPER INTERNATIONAL™ has proudly manufactured more than 120 million garments for the U.S. Department of Defense - Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Special Forces. PROPPER also manufactures high-quality apparel for the commercial military, tactical, law enforcement and public safety markets. PROPPER commercial products are distributed through more than 3,000 military, law enforcement and specialty retail stores and websites worldwide.

     Today, PROPPER remains committed to manufacturing the highest quality apparel for every customer we serve. We are one of the few apparel manufacturers to earn an ISO 9001:2008 quality rating from the British Standards Institute, which reflects our uncompromising system of quality assurance. This commitment has earned PROPPER a long standing record of success, as well as a legacy of functional, durable apparel.


Propper shirts are a great compliment to any backpacking, trekking or hiking excursion, when you need an unbelievably durableshirt with style and complete outdoor living functionality.  Stuff it into your backpacks for anything you may do in your alpine adventures.  Also, the shirts will be just fine in any of the harshest urban jungles on the earth.

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