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Sierra Designs Trail wear:  It's not underwear.It's trailwear. @ Peak To Sea Products Outdoor Equipment

We believe that clothing for the trail should be exactly that, not simply a base layer or underwear. Plus, our designs provide a higher degree of wearability for your day-to-day lifestyle.


Sierra Designs Trail wear:  Built For Backpacking

Fast-absorbing, quick-drying fabrics are incredibly soft, yet extremely durable. Tailored for comfort and function while wearing a backpack.



Sierra Designs Trail wear:  Siliconized Nylon Bottoms

In cooler, wetter weather Siliconized Nylon offers greater than 4 times the water resistance of a standard (900mm) DWR coating.



Sierra Designs :  DriCanvas Bottoms

In warmer, drier weather DriCanvas offers all of the comfort of cotton while absorbing 50% less water than untreated cotton/poly.


Sierra Designs:  Tops

Tops for the trail that aren't just a baselayer, but high-performance clothing for the trail.



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