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Our men's and women's zippered sleeping bags pack in all the warmth without the weight. For the adventurer that wants to travel light, fast, and most of all, stay warm when the mercury drops, Sierra Designs and Kelty sleeping bags are the way to go. Smart details, innovative designs, and state-of-the-art materials all work together to keep you outside where you belong @ Peak To Sea Products Outdoor Equipment 



Back, side and stomach sleepers, rejoice. Offering the ultimate in sleeping freedom, lightweight down quilts are an one-size-fits-all solution. The weight-saving design utilizes your sleeping pad for under-body insulation, and the cleverly-integrated hood and hand and arm pockets seal in the warmth. Our lightweight down quilts give you room to roam.



Forget the zippers with our innovative zipperless sleeping bags. Just like your bed at home, a zipperless sleeping bag minimizes hassle and maximizes comfort. Pull the integrated comforter over you and snuggle in. Getting too warm? Just throw the comforter back off again. With our zipperless sleeping bags, a good night's sleep has never been so easy.



Sierra Designs and Kelty offers the best functionality in  backpacks, tents and sleeping bags...trusted in the backcountry! 

Sierra Designs and Kelty Sleeping bags
SOL: Survive Outdoors Longer Survival Equipment
SOL: Survive Outdoors Longer Survival Equipment

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