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Known for its innovative survival kits, emergency shelters, fire kits, and signaling devices, the SOL brand is synonymous with pure adventure  @ Peak To Sea Products Outdoor Equipment

The Camp Ready Kit with 29 survival essentials will help you survive through an unexpected night under the stars. The 4L dry bag holds everything you need for shelter, warmth, and navigation. Build a shelter with the 550 paracord and All Season Blanket and start a fire with 18 fire starting tools. Dig a cathole with the camp shovel and navigate to safety with the LED headlamp and map compass.


Stay warm and dry with the OD Green Escape Bivvy, a breathable bivvy crafted of a proprietary fabric that allows moisture to escape, while still keeping rain, snow, and wind from getting in the waterproof seams. Bivvy keeps condensation at bay and reflects 70% of your body heat back to you. Bivvy will last through multiple adventures with a durable, tear-resistant, and quiet material that won't shred to pieces if punctured.


SOL: Survive Outdoors Loner emergency survival equipment
AMK: Adventure Medical Kits First Aid

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