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GUL Code Zero Womens 3mm Long Jane CZ4206

GUL Code Zero Womens 3mm Long Jane CZ4206

The Gul Code Zero Women’s Long Jane is the perfect performance sailing long john wetsuit. X-Flex neoprene main body panles provides a maximum 100% stretch, with Thermospan ultimate insulating core body panels.  With Velcro adjustable ankles to prevent flushing


•X-Flex main body panels for maximum stretch
•G-Flex lower legs and seat for durability
•Non-petroleum based neoprene
•Zip free entry for comfort and ultimate stretch
•Blindstitch optimum seam construction
•Thermospan: ultimate insulating core body panels
•Titanium 2 lining reflects heat back in
•Powertex - highly durable and flexible neoprene knees
•Velcro adjustable ankles to prevent flushing
•Womens cut and styling
  • Details

    Your wetsuit has been made from carefully selected materials to give the best combination of durability and performance. With the correct care you will gain the maximum life from your suit. Always rinse your suit after use, in clean water using a mild detergent if necessary. Pay particular attention to remove any sand or foreign matter from the zips. Please don’t use any solvents or other chemicals to remove stains or marks from your wetsuit as this can cause damage. Do not force zips and if possible get someone to pull up the zips for you, pulling zips up not across. Protect your wetsuit from sharp or abrasive objects. Ensure the suit is the correct size and do not pull the ends of sleeves or legs to remove.
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