This is a special moment in the surfing right now because we finally found a super stable all around high-performance design, boxy rail and wider nose, will give you so much good paddling and comfortable landing when you jump over the lip of the wave. Gato is a wider nose prototype design, son to enjoy deeper carvings this design works better with thumb tail, because make more curvy and narrow at the end of the tail.
Because the rails are boxy we gain some foam liters, so , here is the main goal of this board, we have extra liters because the thickness of the rail , so we can be able to have a thinner board, so when the board is thinner in the center it rides quicker nose to tail. That is why we call "Gato Volador". Ride fast nose to tail increasing a lot of speed to jump over the lip and you are ready to leading really comfortable. Single to Double concave
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    Fin Sets are Included in the Price of the Board.
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