BAT52 BAT TAIL QUAD is basically very similar to a swallow tail outline, with the straighter line in tail area. witch increase high speed and projection. And then it curves down like a swallow and then back up the tip, This give you another speed and projection in your turns, Release projection and extra speed is what your feel when you curve the BAT52.

ROCKERLow Rocker for a super easy take off, BAT52 create lots of speed to enjoy more the tail carving BOTTONLight single concave in the front area through a double concave between the fins.

OUTLINE Over 12 inches wider nose for an extra balance front foot, over 15 inches wider tail area for an extra balance back foot..

The BAT52 is a super easy high performance board to surf, the rails are low (not too thick) because is a comfortable design for a real head high to an over head surf.

Include a Quad set up and a rail channel on the deck for an extra appeared when you get into the pipes or barrel. Remember easy Paddle high performance, full balance and beautiful conic full speed tail
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