The 014 is the most fresh and magically designed board yet for competitions, it is similar to " the stooge" from 2013, ( an extremely fast board made for carving the hollow section of the wave). I have brought another boards with the same rocker and foil as the stooge, except this year our focus is to be able to land cleanly when performing an air maneuver. The 014 has a wider nose and tail than the stooge. the bottom is clean single concave through out the whole surfboards, mixed with a double in back area, This is a truly a magic surfboard. This is a very modernly designed surfboard that is easy to paddle, It is perfect for chest high surf up until 4ft overhead, it is available only with rounded squash tail. This board is dedicated to a new year of progressive...
Skill levels: Advanced/ Intermediate. Wave size : overhead, chest high
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