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BLUE PERFORMANCE: A few years ago, a group of designers with a great deal of sailing experience got together with a team of marketing professionals and decided to work on a series of new products: innovative products for sailing yachts and motor boats that can be used for storage, for increasing comfort and for protecting valuables. Blue Performance stands for boating equipment and accessories designed with the greatest of care. @ Peak To Sea Products Outdoor Recreational Equipment

The products are functional, durable, extensively tested and always designed in harmony with each other. At the introduction of the first series of products at the largest international watersport trade fair, the products were immediately received with favour by the specialist trade and consumers. Everybody has embraced the new brand and the products have been given various design awards.

Thanks to continuous innovation, we are developing new products to the assortment and improving existing products. Blue Performance stands for Comfort, Storage and Protection. Handy and durable products, in the harbour or on the water.




ADVENTURE MEDICAL KITS: Whether you’re offshore sailing, coastal cruising, or commercial fishing, the Adventure® Medical Kits Marine 600 first aid kit contains the emergency supplies you need to treat common boating injuries until medical attention can be reached. @ Peak To Sea Products Outdoor Recreational Equipment


The impact resistant, 100% waterproof dry box case contains enough supplies for your sailboat, cruiser, or fishing vessel carrying up to six people on trips traveling up to 12 hours from medical care.


Treat hypothermia, sunburn, seasickness, sprains, fractures, lacerations and other common boating injuries with the easy-to-find contents, which are organized by injury into inner waterproof bags, keeping them doubly secure. An essential addition to boat safety equipment, the Marine 600 comes with the Comprehensive Guide to Marine Medicine, as well as instructions on handling nautical emergencies like running aground, capsizing, and VHF radio calls. This rugged first aid kit was designed especially for marine environments, allowing you to leave port knowing you’re prepared with the finest in boating safety.




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