MTB-Specific Design @ Peak to Sea Products Outdoor Equipment


If you’ve ever purchased a goggle for mountain biking, chances are it was either an MX goggle or a snow goggle. Even if it has been marketed as a MTB goggle, there’s a strong chance that the goggles were originally designed for a sport other than mountain biking. Both snow and MX goggles tend to be very tall from the nose bridge to the top of the goggle. This, as you’ve probably noticed, presents fit problems when used with a full face MTB helmet (which tend to have a smaller opening than an MX helmet). The result of this poor fit is often an ill-positioned helmet and excess pressure on the nose, which restricts breathing.We addressed this problem by creating a higher nose bridge which allows the goggle to sit lower on the face, and designing the overall shape to work with brow shapes of the most popular full face MTB helmets. The result is an extremely comfortable and effective goggle — the first one in the world truly designed from the ground up to properly address the challenges presented by freeride and downhill MTB.

· a proper fit with your helmet means no pressure on the nose, causing breathing restrictions· sits lower on the face than a traditional goggle so your helmet can be positioned properly


RYDERS EYEWEAR MOUNTAIN BIKE GOGGLES: SHORE-Unlike other goggles on the market, this is not a rebadged snow or MX goggle. We designed the SHORE from the ground up to meet the specific challenges of freeride and downhill mountain biking.