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Ryders Eyewear POLARIZED LENSES — ELIMINATE REFLECTED GLAREWhen you think about high school there’s probably at least one over-zealous, irritatingly school-spirited student that comes to mind. The one who always made their presence known with high-volumed expressions of unwarranted enthusiasm. It was annoying. So much giddy energy condensed into one over-achieving, yearbook-loving, adolescent. You know the one we’re talking about. Glare is the obnoxious classmate of light waves. When sunlight hits a surface, it’s condensed into a highly aggravating, blinding beam that makes you and your friends angry. Our Polarized lenses allow you to see through this glare, drastically enhancing definition and eliminating the ambient haze of reflected light. Incredibly, they have no effect on the haze of your high school memories.


Ryders Eyewear PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES — LIGHTEN & DARKEN AUTOMATICALLYWhen the light changes the tint changes. The science behind it is complicated but the result is as simple as that @ Peak to Sea Products Outdoor Equipment

When exposed to sunlight, the lenses will start to darken instantly. The time they take to reach maximum darkness depends on a number of factors, including the intensity of sunlight and air temperature. Generally speaking, the adjustment from light to dark is quite rapid.

If sunlight intensity gradually changes, the lenses will gradually change with it. If the intensity suddenly drops off, the lenses will start to change instantly but the adjustment from dark to light is slightly slower than the rapid adjustment from light to dark.




Ryders Eyewear POLARIZED-PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES — ELIMINATE REFLECTED GLARE + LIGHTEN & DARKEN AUTOMATICALLY TO SUIT THE LIGHT CONDITIONSIt’s a Polarized lens so it eliminates glare. It’s also a Photochromic lens, meaning it lightens and darkens automatically to suit the light conditions. These two lens technologies offer the greatest advantages, so we’ve packed them into one.Our Polarized lenses are made using an injection process that ensures they’re optically correct, decreasing eye fatigue and increasing comfort. As with all of our lenses, RYDERS Polarized lenses provide protection against 100% UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light to 400nm.