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CALIBER Anti-fog Photochromic:
A recent survey revealed that people love the CALIBER more than the feeling of clean bed sheets. This probably has to do with its optimal lens geometry that makes for full coverage and a great field of vision.

Anti-Fog Photochromic:
Resists fogging while automatically adapting to light conditions

SKU: R868-004


LENS: Brown

HYDROPHILIC PARTS: nose pads + temple tips


RX INFO: This frame is RX-able depending on your prescription and the capabilities of your lens provider. May require 5 axis edging.

FIT: large
  • Details


    The back of the lens resists fogging, even in the most demanding conditions. It is permanent and washable so you can wipe the lens without the risk of removing its anti-fog properties.


    The front of the lens needs to overcome an entirely different set of challenges than the back of the lens so it only makes sense that the front is treated independently. Water runs off the Hydrophobic layer at first contact, leaving clear lines of sight that are free from large droplets and water marks.


    Light conditions are constantly changing. Time of day, weather, or simply a change in location or direction of travel will alter the intensity of the sunlight that’s reaching your eyes. Photochromic lenses automatically adjust to suit the amount of sunlight at any given time.

    Our Photochromic lenses are made using an injection process that ensures they’re optically correct, decreasing eye fatigue and increasing comfort. At all tint levels — from the lightest to the darkest — RYDERS Photochromic lenses provide protection against 100% UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light to 400nm.

    When exposed to sunlight, the lenses will start to darken instantly. The time they take to reach maximum darkness depends on a number of factors including the intensity of sunlight and air temperature. Generally speaking, the adjustment from light to dark is quite rapid. The adjustment from dark to light will begin instantly but occur more gradually.

    It’s important to note that most car windshields block the UV light that’s needed for the Photochromic reaction to take place. For this reason, you should not expect the tint of the lenses to darken while driving in bright conditions.
Product option: CAMO R868-004